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THE JOURNEY radio podcast is grounded in Palliative Care. We will also explore ancient wisdom, spirituality, bereavement, recovery, innovative treatments, illness, healing, after death issues. I am talking to everyone that has something to say that may help us all to bring peace and comfort to ourselves and to our communities.

Join me as I interview physicians, healers, local heroes and a variety of people on the path of assisting people with serious illness or who are or have dealt with it. WE are all affected by issues of health, illness, recovery, dying, death and bereavement. WE all have a say. The show is not about the outcome of the illness, but about the journey ... about living in the day as peacefully and comfortably as possible.

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Guest House for the Terminally Ill

The Social Model Hospice House is a beautiful model for care for those at the end of life. Today listen in as I interview Kevin Miller, Executive Director of the Toni and Trish House in Auburn Michigan. He discusses the concept of the social model of a hospice house and what it takes to run it, very different than a hospice house run by a hospice agency. The caregivers get tremendous support for up to 90 days. Visit the Toni and Trish House website here: https://toniandtrishhouse.org/

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The Be-Attitudes of Chaplaincy

The beautiful ministry of the chaplain during the end of life time period is one of the best offerings of hospice and hospitals. A great chaplain can do more to facilitate healing than most other roles or therapies or strategies combined. 

Jo Jensen is one of these people who has this kind of skill and presence and has served children and adults alike. I have the great pleasure to know her and I wanted to introduce you to her.

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Certificate Program: EOL Guide

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When Your Calling is Your Business

Join Janis Underwood and I in tackling a touchy subject...that of a person who wants to do their calling every day, not just after "work." The person who has no trust fund, organization to pay for them or a financially supportive partner. I am talking about most people who feel inspired to serve in a soulful way and they must deal with the issue of money. Janis is the Founder of Soul Biz Startup and learned first-hand the difficulties in building a soul-based business. After a long search for the right solution to help build her healing practice, she found herself looking to her small business experience, technical career and spiritual practices for answers. She now helps other soul-based business owners step into empowered entrepreneurship. website: http://www.soulbizstartup.com/

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End of Life Doula Mentoring and Training (for more information)

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Self Care for EOL Workers

Support for self-care among workers who serve the dying is not as popular as you may think. It seems obvious that for hospice workers, hospital workers, firefiighters, paramedics and others in the healthcare world that taking very good care of ourselves would be a given, understood by all and supported by our employers.Craig Williams, L.A.c., Clinical Herbalist AHG, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author, Health Coach, and so much more shares the hour with me discussing this deep topic. I've been working with him since September; he's kind, wise, brilliant and has helped me to turn my life around to put it mildly! Visit his website at: http://www.ayurvedaaustin.com/index.html

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For more information on Death Doula Certification, go HERE.

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Doing Death Differently with Patty Burgess

For the majority of people, the space between birth and death hold their attention, and is the focus of their journey. But for Patty Burgess, the ending point of death, with its surrounding fear, stigmas and mystery, is a rich area to indulge her ever expanding curiosity and passion for heartfelt life experiences. Join Patty and I as we discuss her work in the field and qualities that make for a wonderful EOL Doula. Please visit her website for great information: http://www.DoingDeathDifferently.com 

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For EOL Doula Training and Mentoring, visit: http://www.accompanyingthedying.com 

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Some Perspective on Death Doula Training

This week's podcast gives some background on why there is death doula training. There is a huge movement of "light bearers," people who are called to serve the dying, coming forward looking for mentoring and training and to learn from those who know how to accompany others through death. Hospice is one way to serve and there are others being called who want to be helpful to families and hospice as well, people who don't fit the traditional roles of hospice. The real beauty is not that there are more options from which to learn the wisdom of others but that there are so many people coming forward who WANT it. It's a beautiful thing that is happening. 

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Learn the ways of an EOL Doula: www.accompanyingthedying.com

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Last Comforts: Notes From the Forefront of Late Life Care

Ellen Rand, author of the book, "Last Comforts: Notes From the Forefront of Late Life Care,"has been a journalist for more than 40 years, including five years as a housing columnist for The New York Times. She is a hospice volunteer with Holy Name Medical Center in Bergen County, New Jersey, a member of the Hospice Volunteer Association and the Association of Health Care Journalists. Her essays have appeared in several medical humanities publications, including Pulse—Voices from the Heart of Medicine; KevinMD; and Life Matters Media. She blogs at http://lastcomforts.com.


16 Week EOL Doula Certificate Program: More Info

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Hope for a Cool Pillow

Most people love hospice and the mission of hospice. And of course, there is always room for improvement.

"In Dr. Margaret Overton's new memoir, HOPE FOR A COOL PILLOW (Outpost 19, March 2016), she explores about two polar opposite experiences with hospice during the decline and death of her mother and father.

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16 Week Death Doula Certificate Program: inquire at deanna@qualityoflifecare.com

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The Shadow Side of Compassion

This week's show I am discussing the shadow side of this wonderful ability of ours as humans to feel and live in compassion. We all may find ourselves in one or more of these spaces as we give to others. As you listen to the talk, please just see how you feel in your body as you listen. Did you get tight when I described one or more of these? If so, explore it and write about what it brought up.

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To inquire about Accompanying the Dying: a Practical Guide and Awareness Training, visit www.AccompanyingTheDying.com or email deanna@accompanyingthedying.com for more information.

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End of Life Doula Bag (Death Doula Bag)

One of the wonderful topics I share with other doulas is what is in our EOL Doula bag? What do we take with us when we go to families? Also in this discussion we include some ways we support people as well. Each doula is different in how they support people so our "bags" will be different. Please add to the discussion, what is in your bag?


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